The Establishment: Trumped

The political establishment is freaking out.

I say, it’s about time!

A clear message has been delivered: People are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ticked off at the political establishment for its cheating, lying, corruption and overall just not getting it done – for Americans.

The result: the 2 most extreme candidates in the race won the NH Primary. NOT the “typical” politicians.

On the Republican side it was clear Trump didn’t even need my vote. Or, should I say it another way…Since we no longer live in NH, he couldn’t get my vote (in the NH primary, anyway). However, I did plant 4 solid votes there before we moved. Thank you boys 🙂

I wrote about my preference for Trump in a prior post, so I need not cover that again here. That said, I am pleasantly surprised that enough people with guts (the guts to go for REAL change) got out there and voted for someone who may just get it done – for us!

On the Democratic side the Communist clearly won. You know, the one who wants to give everything away? A VERY appealing message to the young and naive, and those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid. What better way to get a bunch of votes: promise a free lunch (and then some)?

The reality: there is NO free lunch.

The cost of every “free lunch” shall be paid by the taxpayer. And, if you have ANY hope of being even modestly successful (it is America, and the dream is still alive), then YOU will be footing that bill – along with the rest of us. You, not some ambiguous entity or corporate evil.

The alternative to the Communist winning in NH, would have been the felon. That’d be the one who grossly mishandled the secrets of this country and (like her husband) lies outright to the American people about her misdeeds.

So, it would seem, the American people “may” be waking up.

In closing, the race isn’t over until November, when we “officially” Trump the Establishment. So, show your support by clicking on the below image to get your signage and/or read Trump’s position on a number of important topics for this country.

The alternative is just more of the same…

I know the people on my street just love my yard sign.

Trumping the establishment – one vote at a time.

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