I am not interested in getting into a debate on politics. Nor could I be considered anything even remotely close to an expert on the subject. The purpose for posting this article is to get people to THINK!

We Americans need to wake up!

Our current establishment [of politicians] is simply not getting it done. Republicans would have us believe the Democrats are the problem and Democrats the Republicans. As mentioned in a prior post (Left or Right: Which Party is Correct?), neither party is the single answer or problem. That post is a very good read, by the way 🙂

We have another presidential election coming up in less than 12 months. And, like EVERY campaign I’ve observed, the candidates promise some form of change. Yet, underlying entanglements and entitlements continue to exist in the political system (some refer to this as corruption) that actually prevent the REAL changes we need.

We can say we care about this all we want. However, until and unless we vote someone in (of ANY party) who is not following the “career path” of a politician, drawing their wealth from special interest groups and otherwise continuing to live within the pre-established political system (of entanglements and entitlements), we are doing absolutely NOTHING about it.

At this point in the presidential campaign we are ONLY hearing from a single candidate who is, well, TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Different in that he is:

  • NOT a politician and therefore not “entangled” in the system
  • Doesn’t need to draw on the system or supporters for his wealth
  • Arguably the most seasoned business person and negotiator on the planet
  • Clueful about what matters to Americans

It’s no mystery that his name is Donald Trump.

Yep, I know he is unconventional; even scary!

Tell me something: What IS conventional about change? NOTHING. And, what is scary about change? EVERYTHING.

It seems to me that if we collectively direct our vote to ANY other candidate we will only get more of the same. What a wasted set of votes.

In doing my own research I’ve found that Trump seems to have some pretty straight forward approaches to tackling key issues. I’m sure he didn’t develop these all by himself. Like any successful person, he surrounds himself with smart people to address any blind spots or deficiencies. THAT is what gives me comfort and removes some of the scary factor about Mr Trump.

In summary, we need someone who is not afraid to speak out (plainly) about what’s important, willing to take an unfettered leadership role and surround himself with smart people to execute on the implementation of policy.

So, until and unless another candidate materializes (Democrat, Republican or otherwise) who has a shot at truly shaking things up and making the necessary changes to this country, my vote is headed Trump’s way.

In fact, I’m now going to visit Trump’s website to acquire a yard sign.

All the best!

p.s. – I will not be surprised or discouraged if this generates some scathing comments. For those considering such a course of action, I’d just suggest that prior to doing so, look in the mirror and ask what steps YOU are taking in an attempt to address the underlying issues in our political system that are preventing REAL CHANGE. The answer is NOT coming from a career politician who is rewarded by the very things we need to root out.

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5 thoughts on “Trump

  1. beaverfood says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, myself!! Nice job.

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